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Diamond Heist

Your Team will attempt to complete over 130 challenges in order to be the first to retrieve the Diamond. Laughter and madness is guaranteed.

The Diamond Heist Team Challenge is perfect for those groups looking to complete their very own heist. Enter the room at your peril! Once the time starts, it is up to you and your team to complete over 130 challenges in the quickest time possible in order to unlock and retrieve the diamond. The team challenges are designed to test your ability to remain calm under pressure as your time soon runs out! The more points you gain the more chance you will have to free the prized diamond. The event combines the popularity of modern escape rooms with a feast of high energy fun challenges, all designed for teams to go head to head to see who’s the first to complete the game.

Get ready for more than 130 fun and interactive games, which have been created to test your skill, creativity and teamwork. There is literally something for everyone. Points will be awarded on the spot by the activity station host.
Teams can complete as many challenges they want at the same time meaning everyone is active and playing ALL of the time.

Will your team break the final clue, and succeed where the others fail? This completely mobile experience will be sure to blow your team away, as they work together to steal a prized possession. If you are looking to bring collaboration and teamwork into on, our Diamond Heist Team Challenge is perfect for you. There will be a scoreboard with points available throughout your experience, to see how close each team is getting to steal the diamond. Just provide us with your venue details, and we will come straight to you!

people playing group game around table
diamond locked in cage


  • up to 180 minutes

  • Price
  • from £35 per person +VAT

  • Participants
  • 12 - 450 people

  • Space / Venue Requirements:
  • we will need an indoor space with access to power

  • Included in the experience
  • Scoreboard with points
  • Your personal Host and Events Team
  • Active challenges
  • Constant gameplay
  • Medals and prizes

  • Important Information
  • Indoor or outdoor activity, although a Wet weather option would be required
  • Time may vary depending on group size, but is approx. 2.5 hours
  • Price dependent on group size, enquire for more details

  • Booking and Cancellation Terms
    Full payment is required upon booking. If you then choose to cancel your event, your entitlement to a refund depends on the amount of notice you give us:
  • more than 52 weeks: 100%
  • from 13 up to and including 52 weeks: 75%
  • from 30 days up to and including 12 weeks: 50%
  • from zero business days up to and including 30 business days: 0% (no refund of charges)

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    If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

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